David G. Simmons

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Short biography

David is the Head of Developer Advocacy at StarTree, helping developers around the globe manage the enormous streams of data that their applications produce. He helped to develop the very first IoT Developer Platform before “IoT” was even ‘a thing.’

Full biography

  • I’ve been doing Developer Relations since before it was called whatever it was called before they called it Developer Relations
  • I talk about dogs a lot because 🐶are generally better than people.
  • I rescue dogs, and used to run a national dog rescue organization
  • I am obsessed with IoT and have been doing IoT since before it was called IoT, and long before it was 😎
  • I like to mentor people in the DevRel community, and in tech in general.
  • I used to have a Top Secret security clearance but I only ever knew one secret
  • I used to write network intrusion detection software to protect the nuclear weapons secrets of the Federal Government
  • I worked for Sun Microsystems for 15 years
  • I started working with Java before it was called Java
  • I was one of the 4 original Java Evangelists at Sun
  • I helped put Sun’s Thin Computing (JavaStation and SunRay) on the market
  • I worked in Sun Labs doing advanced R&D on IoT for 10 years.
  • I have 3 kids: 25 year old man, 24 year old man and a 15 year old young woman. They are all truly remarkable each in entirely different ways.
  • I have 2 dogs. Both Rottweilers. Both awesome dogs who try to undo the terrible reputation that Rotties have.