Organizing, Managing, and Surviving the CFP Process

A presentation at DevRelCon Prague 2022 in in Prague, Czechia by David G. Simmons

The lifeblood of most Developer Advocates is speaking at conferences. We are constantly searching for new and interesting CFPs to submit where we can get ourselves, and our companies, noticed.

But how do you manage the flood of available CFPs? How do we keep track of them all, evaluate them, find the right person in the company to speak, and the myriad other decisions that have to be made around conferences?

In this talk, David will walk through how they at StarTree are managing that flow to better target their resources, surface the right conferences and speakers, and make the most of their conference budget. He’ll walk through the automations they’ve built, and how they’re involving more than just Developer Advocacy in the CFP-to-presentation process.

If you’re still using a spreadsheet to manage your CFP process, you’ll want to come see this talk!



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